France Zhuli Company

Pageface Digital Store is operated by the French company SARL ZHULI, a young digital company established in France in 2022, specializing in computer programming (website development, software, etc.), digital strategy, and development consulting services.

The company is located at the digital business incubator "NumeriParc," a government incubator hosting innovative startups, located at: 27 Rue Lucien Langenieux, 42300 Roanne.

In the digital age, the importance of a website for a business is self-evident. A website is a window for a business to showcase its image and value on the internet. Through a website, a business can increase its visibility, credibility, and social recognition, expanding its network coverage and communication effect. It can also showcase the company's products and services to potential customers, attract and meet customer needs, thereby promoting customer purchasing behavior and achieving business growth.

Reasons to Choose Us

Creating a website is a complex task, and many people face a series of headaches, such as:

  • Worrying about high costs of website creation
  • Lack of long-term technical support after the website is built
  • Feeling pressured by expensive technical maintenance costs
  • Being dissatisfied with the existing website and not knowing how to improve it
  • Website lacks traffic and having limited understanding of digital marketing

Pageface Digital Store aims to solve these problems for you by providing website creation solutions with the following advantages:

  • We create websites at reasonable prices, everything is transparent and controllable.
  • All development work is based on a pure open-source platform, and your project will be privately self-hosted.
  • We follow best SEO practices, focusing on search engine optimization to help your website gain more exposure and traffic.
  • We use a pre-developed model to ensure your project is what you see is what you get, with quick delivery, and also provide custom development services on demand.
  • In addition, we offer long-term technical service support on demand to ensure your website always runs smoothly.

Creating a website with Pageface is easier and more efficient.

Our Tech Stack

We use PHP/NodeJS + MySQL/MongoDb/PostgreSQL/SQLite as the web development tech stack, with an operating environment of Ubuntu + Apache/Nginx. All our website products are fully open-source, so everything is controllable for you, with self-hosted deployment, and the programs run on your private server without worrying about data sharing issues.

Our developed marketing websites have the following features:

  1. User-friendly access experience with speed performance optimization
  2. Mobile-first responsive design
  3. Simple and easy-to-use content management system
  4. A BLOG module is a must, we encourage you to update your website regularly
  5. SEO best practices for search engine optimization
  6. Using the latest tech stack at the time of development (as of the date of this article, we use PHP8.1 + Bootstrap 5/TailwindCSS 3)
  7. Contact us form and email notification system
  8. Customizable form system and email notifications
  9. Optional Headless CMS
  10. Optional NodeJS tech stack
  11. Optional JAMstack architecture
  12. Optional static page hosting deployment (CloudFlare Pages, Vercel, Netlify)
  13. Customizable website AI assistant (GPT integration)