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NodeBB Forum Software is powered by Node.js and supports either Redis, MongoDB, or a PostgreSQL database. It utilizes web sockets for instant interactions and real-time notifications. NodeBB takes the best of the modern web: real-time streaming discussions, mobile responsiveness, and rich RESTful read/write APIs, while staying true to the original bulletin board/forum format → categorical hierarchies, local user accounts, and asynchronous messaging.

 NodeBB is completely free, easy-to-use and an open source project. Being mobile responsive and providing the inbuilt multi-localization support, it ensures lots of possibilities to build and grow your own extensive community. And with the embedded analytics dashboard, you can be also up-to-date on which content your customers are interested the most.

At NodeBB's official pricing page, we can see that the starting price is 100$/month.

What You Need to Provide

1. A server for deploying the NodeBB forum software:

  • Minimum hardware configuration: 1 vCore+, 2 GB RAM+, 40 GB SSD+
  • Recommended operating system: Ubuntu 22.04+

This configuration is the minimum requirement for most market VPS/server products, with a cost not exceeding 10 euros/month. It is entirely sufficient in the early stages of community development and should be upgraded later based on your community's growth.

2. Domain Name

Any type is acceptable; you need to point the domain used by the NodeBB community to the server's public IP.

We will perform NodeBB installation and deployment services for you, which roughly include the following tasks:

  1. Setting up the server environment (NodeJS, MongoDB database, Nginx web proxy, PM2 process management, and other service software)
  2. NodeBB installation, community forum data configuration, security setup
  3. Installation of Meilisearch service to enable search functionality in NodeBB
  4. Testing, optimization, and putting it into operation
  5. The cost includes one year of community maintenance work. You can choose to resubscribe after the service expires., it includes:
    Emergency technical assistance, diagnosis, and repair of website failures
    Security patch fixes, version upgrades if necessary


1. For security reasons, you need to provide us with temporary root access server account information for installation, deployment, or technical maintenance. We will not store or disclose any user account information.

2. Maintenance and technical assistance are limited to normal website usage. Catastrophic program damage and data loss caused by third-party mismanagement, operational errors, hacking, server hardware damage, etc., are not within our technical support scope.


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